Help build a better WeChat

I’ve been on a tear recently trying to improve understanding of WeChat and the WeChat lifestyle in order to seed the ground for better talent recruiting into our growing WeChat team. I’ve even launched a new audio podcast talking about what it’s like to work at WeChat!

Please help my efforts by spreading word that WeChat is hiring in product management positions — Chinese language skills not necessary!

WeChat Product Manager
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

About WeChat

With over 600 million monthly active users, WeChat has become one of the most impactful mobile products on the planet. Since it’s start as a chat app, WeChat has grown to become a market-leading platform by connecting people services, and businesses in China and around-the-world.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Rather than just reading about WeChat innovations from a blog, we invite talented mobile product developers and product managers to learn and participate firsthand by joining the WeChat Team. Learn about the WeChat product philosophy and the mobile lifestyle as a WeChat product manager. Joining the WeChat team gives you an unique opportunity to help redefine how people use their mobile devices to communicate and interact online and to better understand user behavior and preferences in the world’s largest mobile market. The Product Center team within WeChat is responsible for managing and growing our core product including messaging and social networking and you would be working along side WeChat’s distinguished founding team.

An ideal candidate will

  • Demonstrate and communicate a passion for mobile apps and the mobile lifestyle
  • Provide a portfolio of online or mobile products that you have helped design or develop
  • Give knowledgeable insight into mobile user behaviour and psychology
  • Have discriminating taste in mobile app design and an obsession for superior user experience
  • Demonstrate a firm technical comprehension of web and mobile client-server architecture
  • Have an open-minded, forward-looking outlook by temporarily moving to China and immersing yourself in a fast-moving, mobile-obsessed culture
  • Have two or more years experience in mobile apps development or design


  • Competitive compensation and benefits compared to other major technology companies
  • Relocation expenses covered
  • Direct mentorship by senior members of the WeChat product team
  • Contribution from Day 1 to improving a product used by over 600 million people
  • Wish to apply? Send your resumé and a cover letter to [email protected].