Daily reads from 2012-08-16

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Daily reads from 2012-08-13

  • For better or for worse, we now have a VP candidate born in the same decade as me. Alex P. Keaton has become a candidate for VP. #PaulRyan ->
  • Good article! $SBUX is kicking butt in CHina. RT: Five Things Starbucks Did to Get China Right – Forbes http://t.co/weEj17Zl ->
  • My post: Coverage of Tencent's premium services… more user subscription revenue than Facebook. http://t.co/D1TfAady ->
  • My post: Coverage of Tencent's premium services. http://t.co/FOwr39d1 ->
  • RT @niubi: more and more of my beijing friends spending less time on sina weibo, more time on tencent's weixin $sina ->
  • Beijing/Shanghai are not CN's only startup cities. Personally vouch for Fujian as a quickly growing startup scene. http://t.co/IkAM63rg ->