Daily reads from 2012-08-10

  • My post: China's Yelp-like Dianping Secures Over $60 Million in Funding http://t.co/uyLg0wtv ->
  • My post: Alibaba, recently taken private, is larger by market cap than Baidu. http://t.co/XTk6luk8 ->
  • Interesting story about Mrs. Zuckerberg. Vietnamese-Chinese descent like RottenTomatoes co-founder Senh Duong? http://t.co/6oot3iZm ->
  • This documentary on artist Wayne White looks fascinating. He's designed the tapestry for so many of the things we love. http://t.co/JTYvUcB0 ->
  • Sina realizes that mobile is as challenging for them to monetize as it is for Facebook. http://t.co/VvxfhVfi ->
  • Consortium to beat Siri at it's own game in China. Methinks they need to fix mobile speed first (i.e. slow 3G, no 4G). http://t.co/BogYrljz ->
  • Wow… Now there is a Shanzai Marc Andreesesen. Everyone knows its obviously a scam, but maybe that's the point. http://t.co/qXh0gKQV ->

Daily reads from 2012-08-08

  • Jim Cameron wants 3D done right. Not a fan of 3D, except those by Cameron. RT: Cameron launches China joint venture http://t.co/r7TuCwEZ ->
  • Heartbreaking and then adorable. RT: jeremy lin skype chats with 5-year-old fan who cried when he left the knicks http://t.co/oMDp1eor ->
  • Check out this chart of movies ranked by Facebook Likes by my Rotten Tomatoes partner Senh http://t.co/7WGXdg28 ->
  • I predict a musical episode … Re: Joss Whedon To Write And Direct Marvel's 'The Avengers 2' http://t.co/g9hTDiB1 ->
  • Shanzai Xiaomi running Android 4.0 and dual-core for 699 RMB. Not a bad choice for an alternate phone. http://t.co/0J51MBFV ->

Daily reads from 2012-08-06

  • My post: Content acquisition costs way down since Tudou acquisition and online video surpasses search in terms of cove… http://t.co/8Y6kiF0R ->
  • Fascinating videographic on athletic improvement – US's fastest 8 yr. old would be in contention at the 1896 Olympics. http://t.co/wKkMpxgS ->
  • Hilarious, but brilliant strategy: Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria? http://t.co/NBfRUSYE ->
  • An unexpected encounter in a café – Delightful, inspiring story http://t.co/9JYKoaNz ->
  • My post: Baidu staff arrested for deleting critical posts for cash — a very common problem in China's forums, review … http://t.co/v8UUTtmU ->

Daily reads from 2012-08-04

  • SpaceX wins NASA's $440M "next space shuttle" contract. 2.5 years seems aggressive for new, reuseable manned craft. http://t.co/cnN1FOb0 ->
  • SARFT's new TV rules have me stumped! No Web Game or Novel Adaptation, No Remakes of Foreign Shows. http://t.co/wXWVLYT8 ->
  • American TV Neglected the Saddest Story in the Olympics http://t.co/2vQb3RcI ->
  • Solid coverage of Bill Bishop, China news aggregator extraordinaire and a daily read for me. http://t.co/7o517jce ->
  • Surprised that many of Kickstarter's recent hits are gaming-related? Gaming still under-explored: Latest hit: Oculus http://t.co/t4AMJpNH ->
  • Smart! Apple's new maps are vector-based not tiled images like Google (think Illustrator vs. Photoshop). Smoother UX. http://t.co/kKOYArV6 ->
  • 'The Big Hit's' Kirk Wong, un-retiring to direct new China/US co-production. One of my "kitchen sink" HK directors. http://t.co/JvQTA5GT ->
  • RT @andrewchen: a more intelligent way to test students (hint: use clever data hackery and crowdsource) http://t.co/xJTOQAwZ ->

Daily reads from 2012-08-03

  • I so totally would play this RPG version of "Game of Thrones". Don't watch until you've finished Season 2. http://t.co/YUfd6sBw ->
  • A beautiful mashup of "location" – Instagram real-time stream from cities around-the-world. Must be seen to understand. http://t.co/ZIE8sXix ->
  • My post: Xiaomi debuts their second phone on August 16, tickets for 200 RMB. They will get the spotlight to themselves… http://t.co/OvVxmjyQ ->
  • Thumbs up! Looks like a typical California ABC summer break. Jeremy Lin – Episode 2 The Offseason: http://t.co/vycMry7L ->
  • Wish China could negotiate harder for affordable cancer-treatment drugs like India. Have my own China Kafkaesque story. http://t.co/ETYrlV2G ->
  • Hoping for her safe, quick return. RT: Cal Ripken, Jr. to hold news conference on mother's abduction http://t.co/5oob6o2U ->
  • Interesting answer on why north is "on top" on maps. Is geopolitics affected by Northern Hemisphere being on top? http://t.co/mi00GVnE ->
  • As an ABC living in China for seven years, I wholly agree with this article… China is not fit for 99.9% of expats. http://t.co/MwYJEhoA ->
  • My post: Does Vietnam have a local equivalent to "5-mao" gangs (paid nationalist online forum commenters)? Baidu's Vie… http://t.co/TFxz5YAl ->
  • Remember CJ'05 and Shanda's booth babe "stairway to heaven". Already more "babe-filled" than E3 & Tokyo Game Show… http://t.co/GtxW8MFJ ->
  • No more scantily clad booth babes? Well, that's then end of ChinaJoy… http://t.co/GtxW8MFJ ->

Daily reads from 2012-08-02

  • Karl Malone is surprisingly eloquent about that legendary '92 Dream Team practice game. How much wld you pay to see it? http://t.co/kDNOvaCu ->
  • Twitter receiving flack for making their interface more "media rich"… something Weibo solved from the start. http://t.co/IbqWQxfS ->
  • Xiaomi might announce their new mobile phone today… Good timing and getting an early jump on iPhone 5 http://t.co/YgKP5KCu ->
  • A month of no foreign films and a hot summer, Ice Age 4 crushes at the Chinese BO. Bat/Spiderman drop at end of August http://t.co/pRRmwRL7 ->
  • Contested swimmer Ye Shiwen handed a goldmine – Olympic champion PLUS national hero for defeating foreign skeptics http://t.co/yZZ4B4Nt ->
  • Congrats, Google Fiber! But folks in HK have had their gigabit service for over a year and at 1/3 the price. http://t.co/r5fSnQwx ->
  • Raspberry Pi, the hackable credit-card-size computer, + Android 4.0 could bring a new generation of cool devices http://t.co/FSK7Zg57 ->
  • China hook-up app Momo hits 10M users http://t.co/CxV6EYn0 ->
  • Congrats to Jin, the next step on his amazing, inspiring life story… http://t.co/lAsDYDAB ->