Saturday May 12, 2007

Hi everyone!

A year and a half ago, I wrote all of my friends letting them know that I was leaving the helm of Rotten Tomatoes and moving to Asia to pursue new challenges.

At the beginning of this year, I moved to Hong Kong to start a new venture, a social networking web site aimed at providing community tools for artists (filmmakers, musicians, performing artists) and their fans. After four intense months of development, the site was launched and now I’m asking all of my friends to take some time to visit the site:

If you register on the web site, add me as a friend using my Gmail email address.

Stephen’s profile:

A community web site relies on the participation and support of its members, so by registering you’ll be helping us develop a nurturing environment for emerging artists. You could say that this is a continuation of our efforts at Rotten Tomatoes to help moviegoers figure out what great stuff to watch, except, this time, I’m working more directly with the filmmakers and musicians.

If you’ve already registered on the site and have added me as a friend, another way to help support [alive not dead] is by letting your friends know about the site and adding them to your network of friends. The site is made more enjoyable as more of your friends come on-board and contribute. Post about the site on your blog, Facebook, Myspace, etc…. Send your profile link to your friends.

Thanks to all of my friends over the years in helping to make Design Reactor and Rotten Tomatoes successes. Through your support, we hope to make [alive not dead] a success as well.