Tuesday July 31, 2007

This is our first of what we hope to be many giveaway opportunities to bring our [alive not dead] fans in touch with our artists.

Also, we’ve made some important improvements to the contest, so those of you who have already entered should continue reading below.

We want to bring a lucky winner to Hawaii with us in October for the Hawaii International Film Festival. At the festival, you’ll get to meet directors Daniel Wu and Justin Lin and be ushered into the VIP screenings and after-parties … all in beautiful Hawaii! It’s the perfect vacation getaway and it’s completely free to enter the contest.

You could be this lightbulb…

Or you could be spotted on a Hawaiian beach getting a tan like hot Chinese-American actor, Roger Fan

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to enter the contest now. You receive one entry when you enter the contest. Additionally, you’ll improve your chances to win by inviting the rest of your friends to become an [alive not dead] member. Just invite them using the various methods provided in the Find/Invite Friends page. Winners of the Hawaii trip must be prepared with a proper passport and visa documents — for those who aren’t able to travel, we will award them with one of our great second place prizes (personalized, autographed t-shirts, hats, posters, and DVDs) and find another qualified Hawaii trip winner.

Newly added to the contest: Personalized, autographed t-shirts, DVDs, posted, and hats

We hope to be able to offer alot more opportunities like this to our community coming down the road, so please help us grow our community by inviting your friends on-board. Post about the contest to your Myspace, QQ, MSN Spaces, Facebook, Friendster, messageboards, etc… Use the Invitation URL included at the top of the Find/Invite Friends page to link back to the site and you’ll receive a another entry for anyone who registers using the URL. It might be YOU sipping a mai tai with the “Heavenly Kings” and “Finishing the Game” guys in Honolulu.

NOTE: If you used the Find/Invite Friends page to email invitations to your friends last weekend (Friday, July 27-Sunday, July 29), we encourage you to email invitations to your friends again. A problem with our service provider’s email servers caused alot of those invitation emails to not be sent. The problem has been fixed, but we’ll need you to invite your friends again. Also, many of you were unhappily suprised that you were automatically subscribed to the profiles of the cast/crew of “The Heavenly Kings” and “Finishing the Game”. At the request of several users, we’ve changed the entry procedure so that you can specify which profiles you with to become a fan of.