Wednesday June 13, 2007

Web Programmer (PHP/Mysql)

NOTE: Students and recent graduates are invited to apply for the position. We’re looking for enthusiastic people who have spent time not just programming for classwork, but for also their own personal projects. Full-time positions and summer paid internships are both available immediately based on the applicant’s qualifications and availability.


About AliveNotDead
AliveNotDead ( is an online community of artists (musicians, filmmakers, and more) centered around Asia and located in Hong Kong. Our goal is to allow artists of all levels to find and communicate directly with their fans and to help fans find new great artists as well as communicate and connect with other fans. We are building a social community similar to MySpace featuring artist profiles, blogs, photos, music downloads, and other communication tools with direct involvement by many artists. Our efforts are targeted at here in Asia but we aim to help our artists find fans abroad by offering both English and Chinese language versions of the site.alive not dead)k%y ?j,@j
alive not dead0^”Z!e R[1]y?9`/x3p is the creation of the founders of Rotten Tomatoes (, a leading movie web site and now a part of Fox Interactive Media (also the parent of MySpace) in partnership with various Hong Kong local artists. The team has a proven track record of developing and selling great Internet companies and is building another great Internet company with the new AliveNotDead web site.alive not dead| K”N4Rkj+Z

More about the founders
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Senior Web Programmer (PHP/Mysql), AliveNotDead.comalive not deadplm#O2a[email protected]!w
Be the third full-time engineer in our small web-building team. We’re looking for an all-star programmer who is enthusiastic and knowledgable about social communities.alive not dead6n0g0C4A&jKT

  • Work in a small team (two programmers and one designer) to help continue building the new AliveNotDead online community.
  • Be a vital voice in defining the featureset and roadmap of the web site in the coming years.
  • A minimum of two years experience programming in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) environment. You don’t necessarily need a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree, but you need to show us your abilties and drive by showing us both your job programming experience and your personal programming projects.
  • An independent, resourceful problem-solver who knows how to find the solution to anything. You might not know how to get something done at the beginning, but you’re confident enough in your abilities to find a way of getting it done by the end.

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  • This is not a 9-to-5 job (which hopefully you aren’t searching for anyways). This is a mission to build something of long-lasting value that will eventually make you a star amongst your circle of friends. We’ll all be working non-traditional hours and team members.
  • You will be required to put in the time necessary to get the work done.
  • You must completely obsessed with the online world and online communities. Do you spend more time online on social worlds like MySpace, World of Warcraft, Facebook, Gaia Online and others than in the “real world”? Do most of your conversations with friends (online, of course) usually start with “Do you know what REALLY bugs me with <insert online community of your choice>?” This is a good starting point for fitting in with our team. Don’t bother to apply if you’re not prepared to show us your rigorously updated blog and or a frequent particiapant in online forums.
  • You must also have a deep and abiding love for music and movies. We’re building an online community centered around music and movie artists. All of the founders are big movie and music fans and a big part of our lives away from work involve watching movies and seeing concerts, so this will greatly help you perform your role and feel a part of the team.
  • This position is located in Hong Kong. You must be able to speak either English or Mandarin Chinese. The ability to speak both is a plus. The ability speak Cantonese is a BIG plus. The ability to read and type Chinese is a BIG plus. If you are not currently located in Hong Kong, you must be willing to relocate.
  • We’re looking for nice, ethical, smart people. We will keep the team small for as long as we need to so we need to know that we can trust our first few team members and enjoy working together for the long-term.

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‘Ne’n2| x,N&N4We are a small team looking to do BIG things so we provide an ample and flexible sliding salary/equity scale. Also, we are willing to provide a relocation allowance to help you move to
Hong Kong.

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Interested? Please email jobs =at=