Saturday March 5, 2005

That’s right! It’s the first in a series of free screenings that we’re going to be conducting nationwide and I really need YOUR help to make our efforts succeed. We really want to fill every theater to MAXIMUM CAPACITY so I want you to send the link above to all of your friends and, of course, RSVP yourself for the free screening. I’m REALLY excited about our first outing and I hope you guys can help us out.

We’re having screenings in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco (we’ll make it a big Rotten Tomatoes party event!), Dallas, Chicago, and Boston. Oh, did I mention that we’re giving away an Ipod shuffle at EVERY screening and that one special person will win a new Sony PSP? Even more reason to get your butt to a screening.

So email, post to Friendster, Xanga, your blogs, tell your friends, chalk a sidewalk… whatever…

Here’s more information about how to RSVP!